Decoding of warehouses:

DWC5; DS; DS1 – Our warehouses in UAE.

AA1; AB1; AB2; AL1; ALM; AM1; AQ1; AR1; AS1; AW1; AX1; AZ1; BH; DD1; DN1; DU; DWC1; DWC2; DWC3; DWC4; DWC6; DWC7; DWC8; EE1; ER1; FA1; HD1; KW1; MB1; MDS1; MG1; ML1; MU1; NFI; ST1; TMO; TZ1; WD1; ZF1 – warehouses in UAE.

DWC9, KW1 – Warehouses in Kuwait.
JP1; JP3 – Warehouses in Japan.
KR1 – Warehouse in Korea.
DU1; DU2; DU3; DU4; DU5; DU6; DU7; JA1; JA2; JA3; EU; KOR1; KOR2 – warehouses with unverified availability, suppliers with a low rating.

The terms include the delivery and packaging of the cargo to the status of "ready for shipment".

AMK – warehouse in USA.

Delivery cost information from AMK warehouse
Red color prices – delivery cost to UAE is not included.

Delivery cost from AMK to UAE: AMK1 - 6$ per kg, AMK2 - 2$ per kg.
Blue price – delivery cost to UAE not included additional packing:

  1. Bumper - 35$
  2. Fender - 20$
  3. Lamp - 15$
  4. Hood- 50$
  5. Luggage rack - 40$
  6. Door - 50$

Deliverys ways:
- air – standard air shipment;
- sea – standard sea shipment;
- land – local delivery;
- express – express 3 days shipment (only for RUSSIA)

We ship worldwide, for clarification conditions of delivery of goods to your region, you can contact us by mail:

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